Bankruptcy Lawyer in Bucks County, Philadelphia, PA & Princeton, NJ

The Litvak Legal Group is comprised of an experienced, professional and highly rated bankruptcy lawyer. We pride ourselves on offering our clients legal services in many bankruptcy related facets including Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Trucking Bankruptcy, Student Loan Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Defense, Mortgage Foreclosure, Tax Foreclosure and much more. Our law firm has counseled hundreds of clients facing devastating financial burdens and needing a fresh start and restructuring. You can count on our bankruptcy lawyer to provide personalized service and support on every case. The legal representation from our lawyer allows you to come out the other side in a better, welcome a stable financial future. Filing for bankruptcy protection stops the collection calls, creditor harassments and mortgage foreclosure notices so you can restore your peace of mind.

Litvak Legal Group has three convenient office locations in Bensalem, Philadelphia and Princeton, NJ. We offer our bankruptcy and tax legal services to clients in need throughout Bucks County, Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia and Central, NJ. To schedule a no obligation, confidential initial consultation with our bankruptcy lawyer, call our office today at 215-515-7113 (PA) or 732-624-6283 (NJ).


3 Convenient Locations

Bensalem, PA

3070 Bristol Pike
Building 1, Ste. 204
Bensalem, PA 19020
215 515-7113

Philadelphia, PA

1700 Market Street
Suite 1005
Philadelphia, PA 19103
215 515-7113

Princeton, NJ

7 Robert Drive
Princeton, NJ 08550

732 624-6283


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Attorney S. Joseph Litvak

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    • Bankruptcy Lawyer
    • Experienced to handle a variety of bankruptcy cases including Chapter 7 & 13, trucking, restaurant and even student loan. Every case is unique, call to discuss your options.
    • Chapter 7
    • Obtain bankruptcy discharge and wipe away unsecured debt including credit cards, department store cards, medical bills, unsecured personal loans, some older tax debts and more.
    • Chapter 13
    • Retain your valuable assets (home or car) while repaying debts over a defined period of time, generally 3 – 5 years. Catch up on your delinquent mortgage, car loan or taxes. Please contact us for a free consultation and case evaluation.
    • Trucking Bankruptcy
    • We provide bankruptcy options for truckers and trucking companies with proven experience dealing directly with banks, financial institutions, other lenders and tax authorities. Trucking tax help is also available.
    • Restaurant Bankruptcy
    • Restaurants facing financial hardships can rely on our services to tailor a small-business food industry bankruptcy in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Call our firm to discuss options for your independent or chain restaurant.
    • Student Loan Bankruptcy
    • If you’re facing mounting student loan debt and cannot keep up with the payments or you’ve already started defaulting on the loans, we can offer several options dealing with government and private student loans.

    Tax Representation Services

    Tax Controversy & Litigation

    Taxpayers facing an audit, assessments and other adverse tax actions must have qualified legal representation to guide them through this lengthy process. Litvak Legal Group represents clients at all stages of the tax controversy process from audit through appeal and trial at every judicial level. We have successfully negotiated with the IRS to get our clients the best possible financial repayment scenario. If you’ve received correspondence from the IRS or have been served, do not respond without consulting our Bensalem, PA law firm first.      Read More  


    Tax Preparation

    Not filing federal or state tax returns can have serious adverse consequences, almost always resulting in criminal & civil penalties, interest and mounting fees. If you’ve missed previous tax returns or need help filing, our law firm can help. We will assist clients with filing delinquent or current tax returns in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Tax laws are very complex; make sure you are represented by our knowledgeable & experienced tax attorney law firm. We work diligently to minimize your potential tax liability and maximize your refund amount.    Read More


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    Foreclosure Services

    Foreclosure Defense

    If you’re facing a foreclosure law suit or have a pending sheriff’s sale, Litvak Legal Group bankruptcy lawyer can help you save your home. We have several foreclosure defense strategies to deal with the proceeding including loan modification and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, depending on your financial situation. Foreclosure is a devastating situation, often times brought upon by unforeseen financial circumstances including loss of employment, disability or sickness. No matter the reason, you have rights – let us protect them.   


    Mortgage Foreclosure

    The process of a mortgage foreclosure is very complex with many different legal strategies in place to protect and benefit the homeowner. If you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage payments for any reason, our law firm can help to keep you in your home for as long as possible. Contact us immediately if you are starting to miss payments, received a Notice of Intent to Foreclosure, received a Foreclosure Complaint or a Sheriff sale date has been set. We’ll discuss your options and come up with a legal plan that works best for your situation.    Read More


    Tax Foreclosure

    If you do not pay your Pennsylvania or New Jersey property taxes, your city, town or municipality has the option to file a tax foreclosure action and sell your home for unpaid taxes. Water, sewer bills, school & education taxes and city property taxes also fall under the tax foreclosure guideline. We represent hardworking homeowners who may have fallen behind on their taxes get back on their feet. You have rights! The Litvak Legal Group law firm will protect your home against foreclosure and sheriff’s sale with several affordable bankruptcy and/or repayment options.    Read More


    215 515-7113732 624-6283

    Small Business Services

    Business Startup Services

    Litvak Legal Group offers thorough and complete startup services for small business owners who are just getting off the ground. Our law firm helps business owners and entrepreneurs form business entities (LLC, Corporation, Sole Proprietary, Partnership), as well help strategize effective business plans and submit all required state applications. Our business startup services heavily emphasis tax planning strategies to ensure the company is properly setup and maintained from the start.        


    Business Planning

    A business plan is much more than the written transcript of the nature of your business, sales & marketing strategies and financial projections. Consulting with an experienced and dedicated law firm to help with your startup business plan will ensure you have the proper state licenses, applications and tax information. Litvak Legal Group also helps with the protection of trademark, license agreement, buying/selling an existing business, tax advice and more. We provide business planning help for entrepreneurs, small startups, all the way up through large corporations. 


    Contract/Agreement Negotiations & Drafting

    The Litvak Legal Group law firm consults business owners and helps draft a variety of agreements pertaining to opening, acquiring and/or merging a company. These legal agreements or documents include: Mergers & Acquisition, structure of the transaction, negotiation of terms, drafting the deal, due diligence and much more. Legal representation should be obtained when buying or selling a business to ensure all state legal documents and tax information is properly filled out and submitted. 

    Read more about Small Business help  Read More


    215 515-7113732 624-6283

    Lemon Law Services

    Lemon Law

    Pennsylvania or New Jersey drivers who buy, lease or register a new vehicle and experience and report defects within the allotted time and/or mileage may be entitled to a refund or exchange at no cost. A car may be declared a lemon if there’s a manufacturer’s warranty, has a defect or condition not covered by the warranty or you’ve reported & repaired the same issue multiple times. Every state has their own consumer protection and lemon laws in place. Call Litvak Legal Group to evaluate your case for free! No upfront or out-of-pocket expenses for you.  


    215 515-7113732 624-6283


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