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Litvak Legal Group’s Princeton Bankruptcy Law Office has many years of bankruptcy experience and has helped clients throughout Mercer County, NJ overcome devastating financial issues. Constant changes in bankruptcy law require new, innovative approaches and strategies to handle each unique bankruptcy case. Our attorney, S. Joseph Litvak, Esq., LL.M., has the education, knowledge and experience to handle even the most challenging bankruptcy case. We’ll use the bankruptcy code and all other available tools to our advantage and defend clients against foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishments and other collections. Litvak Legal Group provides personalized service and dedicated support to get you through your bankruptcy case and come out in a better, stable financial situation. Call our Princeton, NJ Law Office today for a confidential consultation: 732-624-6283.

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Bankruptcy Law Office Services

Our Princeton Bankruptcy lawyer can help with personal and small business Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, tax controversy and foreclosure defense. Below is a light outline of our various legal services.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: We will carefully review your information to ensure you qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and your debts can be discharged. We want to protect your rights and give you the clean financial start you deserve.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Litvak Legal Group has experience handling the most challenging Chapter 13 cases and will tailor filing to achieve your goals. This can help you catch up on a delinquent mortgage, past-due taxes, domestic support obligations and other such loans.

Trucking Bankruptcy: We are uniquely qualified to help trucking and transportation business owners and operators successfully navigate through the bankruptcy process.

Restaurant Bankruptcy: Restaurants and other food industry businesses can rely on our Princeton Bankruptcy Law Office to tailor a small-business bankruptcy case.

Student Loan Bankruptcy: If your student loan bills are piling up and you cannot seem to maintain the payments any longer, call Litvak Legal Group today. We can offer several options to deal with government and private student loans.

Tax Controversy & Litigation: Our attorney represents clients at all stages of the tax controversy process, from initial audit through appeal and trial at every judicial level.

Tax Preparation: We help clients file both delinquent and current tax returns in New Jersey. We’ll work diligently to minimize your tax liability and maximize your refund amount.

Foreclosure Defense: If you’re facing a foreclosure or sheriff’s sale, you do not have to lose your home – you have rights. Our Princeton bankruptcy attorney uses several foreclosure defense strategies to deal with the proceedings and keep you in your house as long as possible.

Mortgage Foreclosure: If you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage, our law firm can help you stay in your home and push back the proceedings for as long as possible. Contact us today if you’ve started missing payments or received letters of Foreclosure Intent, Foreclosure Complaint or sheriff sale.

Tax Foreclosure: If you do not pay your New Jersey property taxes, the city, town or municipality can file a tax foreclosure action and sell your home for repayment. We represent homeowners and protect your rights! Our firm will protect you against foreclosure or sheriff’s sale with affordable bankruptcy or repayment options.

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Princeton NJ Bankruptcy Law Firm

If you’re facing a devastating financial hardship, reach out to our Princeton Bankruptcy Attorneys Office today to see how we can help. We’ll review your information carefully and see if any of our above services can work to get you out from your situation and achieve the financial freedom you deserve. Call our office today for a free, confidential initial consultation: 732-624-6283.


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