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Bankruptcy Lawyer in Bucks County, PA

The goal at our Bucks County Bankruptcy Lawyer office is to help clients eliminate their various debts and achieve financial freedom. Litvak Legal Group has years of experiencing directing clients through the best path to debt relief, depending on their unique goals and situations. We practice Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and tax controversy to provide quick and efficient debt relief solutions and help you obtain financial relief. Each of these strategies must be thoroughly planned and well executed by a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer. Only with qualified and trusted legal representation from Litvak Legal Group can you ensure protection against foreclosure, wage garnishment, sheriff sale, property liens and judgments. If you’re facing a financial burden, contact our Bucks County Bankruptcy Lawyer today at 215-515-7113 for a no obligation consultation.

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Bucks County Bankruptcy Lawyer: Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a legal process that allows individuals with steady income to catch up on past due mortgage payments, tax debts and domestic support obligations and repay only necessary debts over a designated timeframe, in a certain order of priority. Taxes, child support, alimony and employee wages are known as first priority debts, while unsecured credit cards, medical bills and personal loans are secondary. This type of bankruptcy ensures you retain valuable assets (home or car), while paying down your debts over a set timeframe of 3 to 5 years. Learn more about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy & the qualification process.

Bucks County Bankruptcy Lawyer: Chapter 7

Debtors seeking a financial clean slate and protection against creditor’s collections, harassing calls & emails, garnishments, levies, set-offs and other such collections may qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Under Bankruptcy law guidelines, the requirements for this type of bankruptcy are very strict. In order to qualify you must complete a credit counseling education course and fall below a median income set by the Bankruptcy Means test. If your income falls below the current median income, you can qualify and our Bucks County bankruptcy law firm will begin filing your case. If it is over the median, we’ll have to analyze your living expenses to see how much disposable income you have left. The disposable income number must be under a specific amount in order to qualify. Through Chapter 7, our ultimate goal is for a significant amount of debt to be discharged in about 6 months. Learn more about Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  

Tax Controversy & Bankruptcy

Through tax motivated bankruptcy and tax controversy, the Litvak Legal Group can help Bucks County, PA individuals and small business owners who are burdened with tax debt. Our law firm can help with a variety of tax debts including income, payroll or sales taxes. Years of experience dealing with tax collection entities allows our lawyer to handle audits, settlement negotiations and representation in the U.S. Tax Court. With familiarity dealing with both state and local tax authorities, we fight to discharge penalties & interest, reach a settlement with the IRS and establish an affordable payment plan. Call our Bucks County, PA law office today for a consultation to evaluate several years of financial statements, balance sheets, income statements and tax returns.

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Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney in Bucks County, PA

If you’re experiencing mounting tax debt, unsecured credit card debt or delinquent mortgage payments, call our office today at 215-515-7113. We have consulted clients with their bankruptcy and tax issues and are ready to take on your case. We’ll help you decide the best debt relief option for your unique situation.


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