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Langhorne, PA Bankruptcy Lawyer

Our Langhorne bankruptcy lawyer, S. Joseph Litvak, Esq., LL.M., has the experience and education to handle your unique case. We’ve consulted, helped and represented clients throughout Bucks County, PA through their devastating financial hardships using the bankruptcy law to our advantage. Litvak Legal Group provides dedicated legal representation to each of our clients to get you through your bankruptcy case and come out in a more stable financial situation. If you’re struggling with debts, whether unsecured credit cards, medical bills, car payments or back taxes, call our Langhorne, PA bankruptcy lawyer today to discuss your options: 215-515-7113.

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Langhorne Law Office Services

Litvak Legal Group’s Langhorne, PA bankruptcy lawyer helps with a wide array of personal and small business Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, tax controversy and foreclosure defense. Below is a list of our law office legal services.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: While there is a stringent qualification process, Litvak Legal Group will carefully review your financial information to ensure you can qualify. Once filed, you’ll be on a path to financial freedom with a clean slate of your unsecured debt.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Commonly known as a glorified “consolidation repayment” plan, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you catch up on your past due mortgage, delinquent taxes, domestic support obligations and other types of debts.

Trucking Bankruptcy: More than most other bankruptcy attorneys serving Langhorne, PA, Litvak Legal Group is uniquely qualified to handle even the most complex trucking bankruptcy cases.

Restaurant Bankruptcy: We can tailor a small-business bankruptcy for your restaurant or other food industry business.

Student Loan Bankruptcy: Although rare and extremely difficult, Litvak Legal Group has several options to deal with government and private student loans.

Mortgage Foreclosure: If you’ve started to miss your mortgage payments and there is a pending sheriff sale on your home in Langhorne, PA, call our bankruptcy attorney today. No matter how close the foreclosure-sale date is, we’ll protect your rights as a homeowner and keep you in your house for as long as possible.

Tax Foreclosure: We’ve successfully represented homeowners who fell behind on their PA property taxes. Our attorney will protect you against foreclosure or sheriff’s sale with an affordable repayment option.

Foreclosure Defense: With years of knowledge and experience, our Langhorne bankruptcy lawyer uses several foreclosure defense tactics to deal with the proceedings and keep you in your home.

Tax Preparation: Our tax attorney also holds an LL.C. Degree (Taxation) from Villanova University and is an authorized IRS e-file provider. We can help you file delinquent and current tax returns in PA.

Tax Controversy & Litigation: From initial audit through appeal and trial representation in the U.S. Tax Court, we represent clients at all stages of a tax controversy.

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Dedicated Langhorne Bankruptcy Lawyer

You do not have to face a financial hardship alone. Our dedicated and experienced Langhorne bankruptcy attorney works with you every step to help you come out the other side in a better financial situation. Call us today for a no obligation, free initial consultation: 215-515-7113.


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