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Bankruptcy Lawyer in Levittown, PA

The Litvak Legal Group is dedicated to helping clients eliminate debt and achieve financial relief. Our Levittown, PA law firm has years of experience in helping clients determine the best debt relief strategy for their unique situation. Whether it is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Tax Controversy, we strive for a quick and efficient solution of your debt issues and help you obtain the financial freedom you deserve. Each of these debt relief options must be carefully planned and executed by experienced, professional bankruptcy lawyers. Only with qualified and trusted legal representation can you ensure a successful defeat of foreclosure, wage garnishment, sheriff sales, property liens and judgments. Contact Litvak Legal Group for a free, no obligation bankruptcy consultation at 215-515-7113.

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Levittown Bankruptcy Lawyer: Chapter 13

The legal process of Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows individuals to catch up on delinquent mortgages, tax debt and even domestic support obligations and to repay only necessary debts over a designated period of time and in a certain order of priority. First priority debts include taxes, child support, alimony and employee wages; second priority debts are unsecured credit cards, medical bills and utility bills. Chapter 13 is used to pay off creditors, while retaining valuable assets, like your home or car. Chapter 13 is available to those who have a steady income, which can be used to pay debts with a set monthly payment over the course of 3 to 5 years. The length of the repayment plan depends on the unique circumstances of each case, such as income in relation to the median income of the state/county of your residence and debt amount. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a good debt relief solution for consumers with significant mortgage, IRS Tax and Domestic Support debt in Levittown, PA. Read more on Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Levittown Bankruptcy Lawyer: Chapter 7

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives debtors a financially clean slate and ultimately protects them from creditor’s collections, harassing calls and emails, garnishments, levies, set-offs and other collections. In order to qualify for this level of bankruptcy, the debtor must meet stringent requirements of the Bankruptcy law. During the qualification process you must complete a credit counseling education course and fall below a median of the Bankruptcy Means test. If your income falls below the current median income numbers you qualify for Chapter 7 and our bankruptcy law firm can begin the filing process. If your income is over, we’ll thoroughly analyze your monthly living expenses and see how much money is leftover (disposable income). If your disposable income is under a specific amount then you can qualify for Chapter 7. Once the Litvak Legal Group files your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Levittown, PA we will plan and tailor your bankruptcy case to your specific needs. Our ultimate goal is for a significant amount of your debt to be discharged in about 6 months’ time. Read more about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Tax Controversy & Bankruptcy

For individuals and small business owners in Levittown, PA who are financially burdened with tax debt, the Litvak Legal Group is experienced with tax motivated bankruptcy and tax controversy. Our legal services can help with a variety of tax debts including income taxes, payroll taxes and sales taxes. With years of experience dealing with tax collection entities, our law firm handles assistance with audits, negotiating settlements and representation in the U.S. Tax Court. We fight on your behalf to discharge penalties or interest, reach a settlement with the IRS and establish a payment plan. We also have experience dealing with state and local tax authorities. If you’re experiencing mounting tax debt, call our Levittown, PA law office today for a consultation which includes evaluating several years of financial statements, balance sheets, income statements and tax returns.

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Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney in Levittown, PA

We have consulted thousands of clients with their bankruptcy and tax issue and are ready to take on your case and on your terms. Our experienced Levittown, PA law firm will help you decide which form of bankruptcy is best suited for your financial needs. We’ll fight on your behalf to reach a settlement and payment plan that works with your budget and moves you towards financial freedom the fastest. To get started on a path free from debt, call our bankruptcy attorney today at 215-515-7113 for a free, no obligation consultation.


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