NE Philadelphia Bankruptcy Lawyer

Northeast Philadelphia Bankruptcy Lawyer

Litvak Legal Group not only provides legal representation for bankruptcy cases in Northeast Philadelphia, but we also advocate for our clients and work tirelessly to ensure your rights are protected. Our Northeast Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer is here to help you through your financial hardship, provide debt relief options that make sense to your specific situation and get you the financial relief you deserve. We conveniently serve Northeast Philadelphia residents and business owners from any of our three office locations in Philadelphia, Bensalem or Princeton, NJ. We offer flexible in office hours, day or evening, 7 days per week; phone consultations are also available. Call 215-515-7113 to discuss your bankruptcy needs.

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Hire a Dedicated Bankruptcy Lawyer in Northeast Philadelphia

If you’re an individual or business owner in Northeast Philadelphia facing financial hardship and seeking debt relief options, call the bankruptcy attorney at Litvak Legal Group today. We have successful experience in helping individuals through personal Chapter 7 bankruptcy, small business Chapter 13 bankruptcy, tax controversy & litigation, tax foreclosure and mortgage foreclosure. Every case is unique and comes with its own set of challenges, but our Northeast Philadelphia Bankruptcy Lawyer has the education, experience and knowledge to handle even the most difficult cases. We protect the rights of our clients. Whether you’re behind in mortgage payments, have mounting tax debt or owe domestic support obligations, our attorney will use the bankruptcy code and all other available legal tools to defend against foreclosure, repossession and wage garnishments. 

Bankruptcy Qualification & Documentation

There is a strict qualification process for both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and individuals must meet certain criteria in order to qualify. For Chapter 7, under the bankruptcy law guidelines, clients must complete a credit counseling education course and fall below a median income set by the Means Test. If your income is under the current median income then you can qualify. However, if it is above, we’ll have to analyze your monthly expenses and see how much leftover (disposable) income is available. The disposable income number must be under a specific amount to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Learn more about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy & how to qualify.

For a Chapter 13 filing, clients must first have a source of income in order to pay back the priority debts in a designated period of time over 3 to 5 years. The monthly payments and timeframe depend on the income of the debtor’s household and the median income number. Read more about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

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To qualify your case and prepare your filing as quickly as possible, please bring the following documents to your initial bankruptcy consultation:

State ID and Social Security Card
Past 4 years of tax returns
6 months’ checking/savings account statements
Child Support/ Alimony Orders
Garnishment Documents
Repossession Documents
Foreclosure Documents
Any recent personal Injury or Worker’s Compensation Documents
HUD and Settlement documents regarding recently sold real estate
Medical Bills and Collections
Real property information
Auto loans’ balances
Mortgage balance
Law suits information
Divorce decrees or other papers
Expenses’ summary
6 months’ pay stubs
Other documents you feel relevant and important.

Having the above information on hand ensures we can move your case along and act on any foreclosures or wage garnishments as soon as possible. Restore your peace of mind and gain the financial freedom you deserve with legal bankruptcy representation from Litvak Legal Group. To schedule your no obligation, confidential initial consultation with our Northeast Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer, call 215-515-7113.


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