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Bankruptcy Lawyer in Princeton NJ

If you’re overwhelmed with mounting unsecured debt, back taxes, domestic support obligations and/or other such debts and are looking for a means to financial freedom, reach out to Litvak Legal Group’s Princeton bankruptcy lawyer today. We have years of experience guiding residents and business owners in the Princeton, NJ area through their best path to debt relief. Every bankruptcy case is different and must be carefully structured & executed to meet your unique financial goals and situation. Only with qualified and trusted legal representation from our Princeton bankruptcy lawyer can you ensure protection against foreclosure, sheriff sale, property liens and wage garnishments. If you’re looking for a way out of your current financial burden, contact Litvak Legal Group today at 732-624-6283 for a free, no obligation initial consultation.

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Princeton Bankruptcy Lawyer: Chapter 7

Debtors seeking financial freedom from overwhelming unsecured debt and protection against creditor’s collection notices, harassing calls & emails, garnishments and other such collections may qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. If you qualify under Chapter 7, you can obtain bankruptcy discharge and wipe away unsecured debts such as credit cards, department store cards, medical bills and some older tax debts. However, Bankruptcy law guidelines are strict and the requirements for qualification must all be met. Debtors must complete a credit counseling course and fall below the median income set by Bankruptcy laws and known as the Bankruptcy Means test. If a debtor is over the median income, we must analyze your monthly living expenses to see how much disposable income is left over. If that disposable income number is below a certain amount, you can qualify for Chapter 7. Learn more about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, the requirements and more.

Princeton Bankruptcy Lawyer: Chapter 13

Commonly referred to as a wage earner’s plan or a glorified “consolidation repayment” plan. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for debtors with a household source of income who wish to keep their valuable assets, like a car or home. Furthermore, Chapter 13 allows debtors to catch up on delinquent mortgage payments, tax debts and domestic support obligations, while repaying only necessary debts over a 3 – 5 year timeframe, in a certain order of priority. Taxes, child support, alimony and employee wages are considered first priority, followed by unsecured credit cards, medical bills and personal loans. The ultimate goal of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is to ensure you retain valuable assets, while paying down your debts of a 3 to 5 year timeframe. Learn more about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

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Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney in Princeton, NJ

Litvak Legal Group helps residents and business owners in the Princeton, NJ area with debt relief options using Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy and tax controversy & litigation. Using our experience, education and up-to-date knowledge of bankruptcy law, we are able to provide quick and effective debt relief solutions and help you obtain financial freedom. For a consultation with our bankruptcy lawyer on the bankruptcy option best suited for your unique situation, call 732-624-6283 to set up an appointment today.


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