Mortgage Foreclosure Lawyer in Bucks County, PA

The majority of all homeowners never imagine falling behind on their mortgage payment obligations. Unfortunately, sudden life circumstances such as loss of employment, disability, medical reasons and other devastating financial situations force homeowners to default on their mortgage. The banking institute’s process to move forward with the foreclosure is very complex, but there are many laws in place to protect the homeowner. The Litvak Legal Group mortgage foreclosure lawyer will help save your home! Our firm has many proven strategies to help New Jersey and Pennsylvania homeowners stop the foreclosure process, satisfy the mortgage debt and establish a long-term financial solution. If you’re behind on mortgage payments and have received notice a Sheriff sale is in place, call our Bensalem PA office 215-515-7113 or Princeton NJ office 732-624-6283 today for immediate legal representation. 

Can a Mortgage Foreclosure Lawyer Save my Home?

Homeowners in Bucks County, Philadelphia and Mercer County NJ have rights, even if they’re defaulted on mortgage payments. Seeking professional, legal representation from our foreclosure attorney will ensure your rights are protected and your home is safe. Our firm offers several options which include filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy or obtaining a loan modification in order to restructure and satisfy the debt. We’ll represent and negotiate on your behalf to get the best terms and an affordable repayment option. 

Mortgage Foreclosure & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is one of the most effective methods to deal with foreclosure and defaulted mortgages. It allows individuals who have a regular income to consult with their foreclosure attorney and develop a plan to repay part or all of the debt. Based on your income, debt amount, the median income in your state and disposable income, our attorney will propose a repayment plan over the course of 3 to 5 year period. We’ll also present a plan to repay the delinquent mortgage and get it current with a specified time. During this time the creditors must cease all collection efforts. Furthermore, a Chapter 13 stops all foreclosure activity including the lawsuit, phone calls, letters and Sherriff’s sale. Our dedicated & experienced mortgage foreclosure attorney will submit a well-planned, carefully strategized proposal that works for you. 

Mortgage Loan Modification 

In some instances, your lender may agree to participate in a loan modification program, which is essentially like the homeowner taking out another mortgage for the same (defaulted) home. It is important to have legal representation during a modification process. Our mortgage defense attorney knows how to deal with stubborn lenders and banks and has experience negotiating with these entities. The lender will require you to submit a new application with your updated income and employment verification, run your credit, appraise the home and conduct their loan underwriting process. The loan modification will extend the term of your mortgage and roll-in the past due payments and fees into a new payment plan. You may also be able to take advantage of a reduced interest rate (depending on the current market). Modifications can be done during a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, but the modification must go through before the plan confirmation hearing. 

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Experienced Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Bucks County, PA

Every mortgage foreclosure case is different. Luckily, our experienced law firm has dealt with many different homeowners in all types of situations. We help homeowners experiencing the burden of facing foreclosure throughout Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia, Bucks County PA and Mercer County NJ. For a confidential consultation on how our mortgage defense lawyer can help you save your home, call one of our office locations Bensalem PA (215-515-7113) or Princeton NJ (732-624-6283).


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