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​​If you buy, lease or register a new vehicle in New Jersey and experience and report your vehicle defect that is a substantial NON-Conformity within the first 24 months  or 24,000 miles, you may be entitled to return for a refund or exchange your vehicle at no cost to you​.

The New Jersey lemon law covers any consumer who buys/ leases, or registers a NEW motor vehicle in the state. If your car or truck is found to be a lemon, you can recover:

  • Price of the vehicle paid, unless you agree to a replacement or other valuable consideration
  • Sales tax, license and registration fees, finance charges, and any additional costs such as these
  • Accessories added by the manufacturer or its authorized dealer within 30 days after delivery date
  • Value of your trade-in 
  • Attorney fees and case costs. 

We will be compensated by the car manufacturer only if we win your case.

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Your car may be declared a lemon if: 

  • You purchased or leased a NEW Vehicle.
  • Not for commercial use.
  • Your vehicle has a valid manufacturer’s warranty
  • It has a nonconformity (a defect, or condition) that is more than a simple inconvenience or annoyance
  • The nonconformity is covered by the manufacturer’s express warranty
  • The nonconformity substantially impairs the use, market value, or safety of the car
  • Manufacturer may raise a defense of accident, abuse, neglect, or alteration of the car by persons other than the manufacturer or its authorized dealer
  • Your reported the first nonconformity within the first Year or 24,000 miles from the in-service date/mileage.
  • You gave the manufacturer or its authorized dealer a reasonable opportunity (TWO plus ONE repairs of the same issue will raise a presumption)  to repair the nonconformity. OR
  • Your vehicle was out-of-service for 20 or more days withing the 24/24k period

New Jersey Lemon Law has very strict formalities and process that has to be followed in order to recover any damages.

If YOU had TWO repairs for the same non-conformity within the 24/24k period, you must give a FINAL Chance to Repair or Attempt to repair the non-conformity. The Notice requirement is very strict and any deficiencies may be fatal. This process is referred as TWO Plus One Repair Rule.


Issues with the vehicle must be serious enough to be considered Non-Conformity and it must substantially effect the value or use of the vehicle.

Examples of Non-Conformities that warranted a repurchase or other remedies by the manufacturer:

  • Repeated Stalling
  • Check Engine Light
  • 800 ml per 1000 miles oil consumption/burning
  • Overheating
  • Airbag Problems
  • Head Gasket Problems and Head Warping.
  • Repeated failure Engine ECM/ECU
  • Trans. Shifting issues, Jerking and Excessive Vibration


The following were found to be minor issues not rising to the level of Non-Conformity:

  • Unidentified Water Leaks
  • Minor Steering Fluid Leak
  • Minor Oil Consumption
  • Brakes scraping/grinding Noises
  • Minor/Moderate Vibration
  • Blown Fuses, and others.

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