Nonna Y. Sorokina, Ph.D.

Nonna Y. Sorokina, Ph.D.

Dr. Nonna Y. Sorokina, Ph.D
Non-Attorney Professional

Dr. Nonna Sorokina is a non-attorney financial services consultant. She provides a variety of financial advising services for corporations and individuals specifically dealing with pre- and post-insolvency analysis, tax controversies financial accounting practices, mortgage and real property issues, and wealth planning matters. Dr. Sorokina provides expert opinions on  various other financial issues.

Dr. Nonna Sorokina is also a professor at Penn State University. She teaches courses in Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Institutions, and Quantitative Analysis. Prior to joining Penn State, Dr. Sorokina was a professor at Wake Forest University where she taught Quantitative Finance. Dr. Sorokina is an active researcher, she regularly publishes her work and speaks at academic conferences and research seminars. For more info, click here:

During her 20 year-long career in financial industry, Dr. Sorokina’s worked for Ohio Savings Bank, AmTrust Bank, Charter One Bank, New York Community Bank, and Freedom Mortgage as a programmer/analysts, business systems analyst, financial and quantitative analyst, and project manager. Her primary area of expertise is in Mortgage Origination/Secondary Mortgage Marketing, Credit Cards and Correspondent Banking area.

Education & Background


  • Ph.D. in Finance and Applied Statistics,
    Kent State University, Kent, Ohio;
  • MBA with concentration in Finance,
    Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH;

Professional memberships:

  • American Finance Association
  • Financial Management Association
  • European Finance Association
  • Eastern Finance Association
  • Midwest Finance Association
  • International Finance and Banking Society

 Research and Publications:

  • Reactions of equity markets to recent financial reforms. Nonna Sorokina, John H. Thornton. 2016. Journal of Economics and Business, Vol. 87, September-October 2016, p. 50-69
  • Analyst Optimism in the Automotive Industry: A post-bailout boost and methodological insights. Barry Hettler, Yertai Tanai, Nonna Sorokina and David Booth, 2015. Journal of Data Science, Vol.13, No.3 (July), p 473-494.
  • Robust Methods in Event Studies: empirical evidence and theoretical implications. Nonna Y. Sorokina, David E. Booth and John H. Thornton, Jr., 2013. Journal of Data Science, Vol.11, No.3 (July), p. 607-621.
  • Bank Leverage Components. Nonna Y. Sorokina, John H. Thornton, Jr., and Ajay Patel, 2017. 
  • Why do banks choose to finance with equity?, 2017 Sorokina, Nonna Y., John H. Thornton Jr, and Ajay Patel. Journal of Financial Stability, No.30,p. 36-52. 
  • Chasing the change: a study of DAX returns and its futures liquidity. Nonna Y. Sorokina and David E. Booth, 2016. 


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