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If you buy, lease and register a NEW vehicle in Pennsylvania and experience and report your vehicle defect within the first 12 months  or 12,000 miles, you may be entitled to return for a refund or exchange your vehicle at no cost to you​.

The Pennsylvania lemon law covers any consumer who buys, or leases, and registers a NEW motor vehicle in the state. If your car or truck is found to be a lemon, you can recover:

  • Price of the vehicle paid, unless you agree to a replacement or other valuable consideration
  • Sales tax, license and registration fees, finance charges, and any additional costs such as these
  • Accessories added by the manufacturer or its authorized dealer within 30 days after delivery date
  • Value of your trade-in 
  • Attorney fees and case costs. 

We will be compensated by the car manufacturer only if we win your case.

NO upfront or out-of-pocket expenses for you.
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Your car may be declared a lemon if: 

  • Your vehicle has a manufacturer’s warranty
  • It has a nonconformity (a defect, or condition) and that nonconformity is covered by the manufacturer’s express warranty
  • The nonconformity substantially impairs the use, market value, or safety of the car
  • Manufacturer may raise a defense of accident, abuse, neglect, or alteration of the car by persons other than the manufacturer or its authorized dealer
  • Your reported the first nonconformity within the first Year or 12,000 miles from the in-service date/mileage.
  • You gave the manufacturer or its authorized dealer a reasonable opportunity (three repairs of the same issue will raise a presumption)  to repair the nonconformity.

Even if you are and have been a resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, you don’t necessarily have to apply the laws of the state. I will determine if it is possible and to your benefit to rely on the law of another state in your lemon law case…free case evaluation!


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