Tax Foreclosure Attorney in Philadelphia

It is a requirement of every homeowner in the United States to pay their state property taxes, as well as city or municipal bills including water, sewer, schools/education and city property taxes. If you do not keep up on these mandatory payments, the city may take action and file a tax foreclosure or real estate tax in order to sell your home and repay the unpaid property taxes. In recent years, municipalities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey have begun to significantly increase the property taxes, yet wages in these stages remain stagnant. Some homeowners cannot afford to keep up with their mounting property tax bills on top of mortgages and general living expenses. If you’ve started falling behind in your taxes and fear the city is going to take action, call the Litvak Legal Group tax foreclosure attorney today. We fight to protect the rights of our clients and keep you in your home through strategic legal tactics and dedication.

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How can an Attorney Stop a Tax Foreclosure?

As a property owner, you have rights and we’ll fight to make sure those rights are protected and upheld. With the representation of our tax foreclosure attorney, we’ll be able to negotiate terms and come up with a more affordable payment plan option. Our lawyer’s ability to strategically negotiate for our clients allows you to stay in your home, continue paying your mortgage and get caught up on your taxes and other property debts you may have accrued.

Tax Lien & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

For Pennsylvania or New Jersey homeowners facing tax liens or a tax foreclosure, a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be one of the better options to help you pay off your lien and save your home. Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, our lawyer will strategize a 3 – 5 year payment plan based off of your debt amount, the median income in your state and disposable income. Taking all of these factors into account allows our law firm to better negotiate a payment plan without suffering any more financial hardship. In our experience, this is the most responsible manner in which a homeowner can pay off your tax lien, save your home and come out with a fresh financial start.

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Hire a Tax Foreclosure Defense Attorney

The tax foreclosure attorney at Litvak Legal Group has helped homeowners in Philadelphia, Bucks County PA, Mercer County NJ and other municipalities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to get out from under the stress, burden and financial difficulties of a tax lien situation. For a confidential consultation and to learn more about how our law firm can help you save your home, call our Bensalem PA office today at 215-515-7113 or our Princeton NJ office at 732-624-6283. 


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