Tax Preparation Services 

Taxpayers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are mandated to file and pay their state and federal taxes by the established due date. If you’ve missed any previous tax returns and/or need help preparing your current year’s tax returns, call the state and local tax attorney at Litvak Legal Group. Not filing Federal or state tax returns is a very serious matter and may result in extensive criminal and civil penalties, interest rates and fees. Let Litvak Legal Group assist you with tax preparation services including filing delinquent tax returns and preparing the current year’s personal or business tax returns. With office locations in Bensalem (215-515-7113), Philadelphia (215-515-7113) and Princeton, NJ (732-624-6283), we help taxpayers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania get back up to date and/or correctly prepare Federal and state tax returns.  

Tax Preparation & Compliance

Whether you need tax preparation services for your personal finances or your business entity, Litvak Legal Group provides sound and experienced guidance. Not only must all residents file their taxes by the appropriate due date, but the documents must comply with Federal and state regulations. If you’re not familiar with how to prepare your tax documents, it is a very good idea to call our tax law office to ensure you seek professional guidance. Tax laws and regulations are very complex; filing an incomplete or inaccurate tax return can have negative consequences including wage garnishment and issue a levy against your property. It is important you are represented by a knowledgeable and experienced tax attorney for accurate preparation and filing. 

Tax Law Office in Bensalem, PA

When you chose to work with the Litvak Legal Group tax attorney, who holds LL.C. Degree (Taxation) from Villanova University and is an authorized IRS e-file provider, you’re getting added & important legal benefits. Under the attorney-client privilege, information you disclose to your lawyer is protected, this includes information pertaining to your taxes. If you’re at risk of facing an audit, tax foreclosure or tax controversy, it is in your best interest to work with an experienced tax attorney to ensure your rights are protected. 

The tax attorney of Litvak Legal Group provides knowledgeable and accurate state and Federal tax preparation services for individuals and businesses. Whether you need help catching up on missed tax returns, preparing this year’s returns or you think you’ve overpaid recently, call one of our tax law offices today: in Bensalem (215-515-7113), Philadelphia (215-515-7113) and Princeton, NJ (732-624-6283). Consultations are always completely confidential. 


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