Restaurant Bankruptcy Lawyer in Bensalem, PA

Owners of restaurants and small food establishments can rely on Litvak Legal Group and its knowledge of the restaurant and food industry to file bankruptcy in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The food industry and restaurants have been facing many challenges and suffered tremendously, especially with the latest Covid-19 related pandemic and downturn. With our knowledgeable restaurant bankruptcy attorney, business owners have hope. Litvak Legal Group has a unique combination of experience and education to help restaurant owners through the most challenging issues. We can help restaurant and food establishment owners with their federal, state and local taxes, their disputes with the taxing authorities and the IRS. We can tailor a specific solution to your financial problem. Solutions include reorganize your business for a profitable future, wind down your restaurant, discharge your debts and secure owners’ future by protecting their personal assets and their individual credit.

Restaurant Bankruptcy Attorney Services

Regardless of the path you consider, Litvak Legal Group is here to assist with restaurant bankruptcy. We’ll help guide you through the hard times with a minimal impact on your assets and your future borrowing capabilities and means to live. Restaurant owners can file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and close their business while discharging all business-related unsecured debts. Restaurant owners can also file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and take care of their personal debt issues. In other instances, owners can also file a small business Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, known as a Subchapter V bankruptcy. Subchapter V(5) bankruptcy takes the expense and shortcoming of a regular Chapter 11 and makes it affordable and accessible to small business owners.

Over the years, Litvak Legal Group has helped restaurant and food establishment owners to select the best bankruptcy solution for their business and emerge in a better financial situation. People came to appreciate that the bankruptcy attorneys at Litvak Legal Group understand the realities many restaurant business owners face in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We are here to assist you with highly personalized legal representation. Do not wait for financial troubles to go away. Financial issues tend to accumulate and exuberate without proper attention and legal help from a qualified and experienced restaurant bankruptcy attorney. A timely filed bankruptcy can help you regain control of your business and finances. You can avoid spoiled food in storages, short tabs and account ledgers.

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