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Bankruptcy Lawyer in Middlesex, NJ

Litvak Legal Group provides dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced legal representation in bankruptcy and foreclosure defense cases. We advocate for our clients and ensure your rights are protected from initial consultation through qualification, hearings and final settlement. Our Middlesex bankruptcy lawyer provides debt relief options catered to your specific situation in order to help you obtain the financial relief you deserve. Our legal representation is available to residents and small business owners in Middlesex, NJ and the surrounding areas. Call 732-624-6283 to set up a free consultation to discuss your bankruptcy needs. Litvak Legal Group offers flexible office hours at one of our 3 locations: Philadelphia PA, Bensalem PA or Princeton NJ.

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Middlesex NJ Bankruptcy Lawyer

There are many unforeseeable reasons why Middlesex, NJ residents find themselves buried in debts or behind on their mortgage payments. From loss of job to underemployment or medical emergencies, no matter how you found yourself in this devastating situation, Litvak Legal Group is here to get you back on a path to financial freedom. We have years of successful experience in helping clients through personal Chapter 7 bankruptcy, small business Chapter 13 bankruptcy, tax controversy & litigation, tax foreclosure and mortgage foreclosure. Our Middlesex bankruptcy lawyer, S. Joseph Litvak, Esq., LL.M., has the education, experience and passion to handle even the most difficult cases.

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Bankruptcy Qualification & Documents

While filing for bankruptcy may seem like a saving grace to get you out of a devastating financial situation, there is a strict qualification process and several criteria a debtor must meet in order to qualify. Under the bankruptcy law guidelines, clients filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy must first complete a credit counseling education course. We’ll also need to analyze your income to see where you fall on the Means Test. If your income is under the current median income in your state, you can qualify. If it is above, we’ll look at your monthly expenses to see how much leftover income is available. If the disposable income is under a specific amount, you can qualify. Read more about Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the qualification process.

For Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a client must first have a verifiable and steady source of income. This income is to be used to pay back priority debts over a 3 to 5 year period of time. The monthly payment amount and timeframe depend on the debtor’s household income and the current median income number. Read more about Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

To prepare your bankruptcy filing as quickly as possible, please bring all (or most) of the following documents with you to our initial consultation.

State ID and Social Security Card
Past 4 years of tax returns
6 months’ checking/savings account statements
Child Support/ Alimony Orders
Garnishment Documents
Repossession Documents
Foreclosure Documents
Any recent personal Injury or Worker’s Compensation Documents
HUD and Settlement documents regarding recently sold real estate
Medical Bills and Collections
Real property information
Auto loans’ balances
Mortgage balance
Law suits information
Divorce decrees or other papers
Expenses’ summary
6 months’ pay stubs
Other documents you feel relevant and important.

The faster we can begin your bankruptcy filing, the faster our law firm can act on any foreclosures, sheriff sale or wage garnishments you may be facing. Get back on a path to financial freedom with legal representation from our Middlesex bankruptcy attorney. To schedule a no obligation and confidential consultation, call 732-624-6283.

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Tax Controversy & Bankruptcy

Through tax motivated bankruptcy and tax controversy, the Litvak Legal Group can help Bucks County, PA individuals and small business owners who are burdened with tax debt. Our law firm can help with a variety of tax debts including income, payroll or sales taxes. Years of experience dealing with tax collection entities allows our lawyer to handle audits, settlement negotiations and representation in the U.S. Tax Court. With familiarity dealing with both state and local tax authorities, we fight to discharge penalties & interest, reach a settlement with the IRS and establish an affordable payment plan. Call our Bucks County, PA law office today for a consultation to evaluate several years of financial statements, balance sheets, income statements and tax returns.

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Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney in Bucks County, PA

If you’re experiencing mounting tax debt, unsecured credit card debt or delinquent mortgage payments, call our office today at 215-515-7113. We have consulted clients with their bankruptcy and tax issues and are ready to take on your case. We’ll help you decide the best debt relief option for your unique situation.

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